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Help Around the House:

From Crow Hill Bible Church

Helping Hands

My name is Lauren Addison, and I am a Bailey local here in Burland. I'm reaching out because the Crow Hill Bible Church youth group would like to help anyone locally with needs around the house. We have a program where adults are mentoring the youth for service projects - both helping them to have the chance to serve a real need in their community,  and to learn hands-on skills. The youth are happy to take care of any individual or family needs and will be supervised/guided by an adult mentor from the church. Things they have in mind to help with range from: shoveling snow, stacking firewood, carrying in firewood, helping with laundry, minor indoor home repairs, minor outdoor yard repairs (fencing, pet set up, etc.), moving furniture,  caring for pets,

walking pets, clearing fire hazards such as pine needles, slash, cleaning gutters, carrying in groceries, decorating for holidays (like installing Christmas lights, etc.), light handyman work, etc. And they are open to other needs and suggestions as well.


If you know of any elderly couples or individuals living alone in the neighborhood, or folks recovering from surgery or illness, new mamas, etc., that could use assistance with anything like the above, please reach out. These guys are eager to help. 


Please call me directly with needs you know of.   Hope to be of service here in our wonderful neighborhood!


Lauren Addison on Blueberry Trail

Text or call: 505-603-5952


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