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Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon

PLANNING:  Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon

We are making progress on creating a Community Center in Bailey.  


There have been several meetings and a survey

On November 8th, the HOA and volunteers met to set things in motion.   Whiteboard images of recent meeting notes are available here.

Building on the work of Joe Urban from the Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging, surveys and listening sessions, work to create a Bailey Community Center continues.

Join us!

Those of you that work with Seniors, caregivers and family that live with Seniors and especially Seniors themselves have a keen insight to what is needed here in Bailey. A new Community Center will make a difference for Park County for  years.

The group organizing this is the Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon.


Planning Meetings set for every third Tuesday from 4pm to 5:30pm at the Platte Canyon Fire Station #2, Delwood Center 

Senior Center.jpg

A Peek Inside the Planning Process.  Click Any Image for a Closeup View

Sr Ctr White board - bd-team-vol
Sr Ctr White board - bd-team-vol 2-19 #2
Prep Task List Sr Ctr.jpg

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