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The main objectives of the Burland Homeowners Association are:

  • to maintain property values and the quality of life in Burland Ranchettes and the neighboring communities.

  • to maintain our Firewise Community status through continued education of our residents on mitigation of our properties to reduce the potential negative impacts of wildfire; and

  • to maintain Weakland-Fawks Park.

We hope that visitors to this site share these concerns and will join us in our efforts. Our meetings are held at the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District station on Dellwood Drive on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. Please join us.


Burland HOA is a Colorado not-for-profit corporation that is not a common interest community under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.

Broadband Update:

Revised: 04 / 2021


Hello Neighbors,


The broadband project is currently moving through the award process, as defined by the Colorado Broadband Fund procedures.  As we discussed at the HOA meeting this past Saturday, we are in the Right of First Refusal (RFR) and Appeals step of the broadband grant process and there has been a Right of First Refusal submitted to the board.  The Colorado Broadband Fund board is scheduled to review the RFR and any appeals at their next meeting on May 4, 2021 and finalize the grant awards.


Here are the highlighted steps for the grant process:


Current Steps:


  • Grant Award:  The award is made to selected providers to provide high speed internet services to rural communities – DONE.

  • Appeals Process:  The award is subject to what they refer to as “Right of First Refusal (RFR)” and an Appeals process before the final contract can be issued for the grant award – IN PROCESS

    • A Right of First Refusal has been submitted for the SPT Burland Grant application by one of the incumbent providers – ACTIVE RFR.

      • The active Right of First Refusal must be reviewed by the board and either granted or denied.

      • The Right of First Refusal will be reviewed at the next board meeting for final decision and finalize grant awards. 

    • The next Colorado Broadband Fund board meeting in May 4th.

Next Steps:

  • Contract Award:  Once the appeals process is completed, and the grant is finalized, the Colorado Broadband Fund will issue a contract with SPT for the project funding – NEXT STEP AFTER RFR DECISION.

    • We expect the Colorado Broadband Fund to most likely disseminate contracts by May 31, 2021

    • SPT has 60 days to accept the contract.  We expect this will be completed once SPT can review the contractual terms and project requirements in the contract.

  • Construction Kick-Off:  SPT is shooting for a kick-off for starting the construction around July 15th.

    • SPT is already planning for this project with their engineering teams and contractors.

    • The required construction permits are being prepared and ready for the contract award process.

  • Construction Plan:  SPT is working to divide the project into probably 4 quadrants to make efficient progress.  They will share the quadrants with us shortly so we will all know how this will be deployed.

    • The main line fiber will be installed as a ring with 1 line coming down Rosalie into Burland and the second line coming down Roland Drive.

    • SPT is considering the installation will be mostly buried fiber rather than using the IREA poles – of course this is subject to change.

    • Full project will be completed within 2 years.

I will provide another update once the Right of First Refusal and Appeals decisions are made at the May 4th Broadband Fund meeting.  If anyone is interested in updates to the process, you can register for email updates from the Colorado Broadband Fund by registering at their web site https://broadbandfund.colorado.gov/get-involved

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    • 195 Doe Circle

    • 952 Burland Drive

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