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Burland Ranchettes

Protective Covenants


All property in Burland Ranchettes is subject to one of three protective covenants which apply respectively to:

  • BHOA District 1, Covenants Units 1 – 4     

  • BHOA District 2, Covenants Units 5, 6, 11, 12

  • BHOA District 3, Covenants Units 7 – 10

  • BHOA District 4, Covenants Units 13 - 16

  • BHOA District 5, Covenants Units 17, 22 - 24

  • BHOA District 6, Covenants Units 18 - 21

  • BHOA District 7, Covenants Units 25 - 27

  • BHOA District 8, Covenants Units 28, 29

To see the Covenants by street click here.

The following provisions apply to all covenants (language may vary slightly)

  • All sites in the Burland subdivision shall be for residential use only, with only one single-family dwelling permitted on any site.

  • No trailer, mobile home, or basement dwelling, nor any other structure of a temporary nature may be used as a dwelling, either temporarily or permanently.

  • No dwelling shall be erected or placed on any site in this subdivision, said dwelling having a ground-floor area, exclusive of open porches or garages, of less than 600 square feet (400 square feet for Units 1 - 10).

  • These covenants shall run with the land, and shall bind all parties and all persons claiming under them until January 1, 1979, at which time they shall automatically be extended for successive ten-year periods; unless, by a vote of the majority of the then lot owners, said covenants are changed in whole or in part.

  • Invalidation of any of the above covenants by judgment or court decree shall not affect the remaining provisions, which will remain in full force and effect.


The following additional provisions apply to all sites in Units 11 - 29 (there are slight language variations for Units 11 - 24 and Units 25 - 29)

  • No more than one garage or utility building will be permitted on any one site.

  • Only conventional type building construction, on permanent foundations, will be permitted. All buildings must have outside finish completed within a xix months' period after construction is started.

  • Open storage of building materials will be permitted during construction only, for a period not to exceed six months.


The following provisions apply to lots in the Units stated:

  • Camping on site by owner will be allowed for a period not to exceed three (3) weeks at any one stay. All camping equipment must be removed at the expiration of the camping period. (Units 11 - 24)

  • No horses, cattle or other livestock or poultry will be permitted to be raised, quartered, or otherwise maintained on said sites. (Units 25 - 29)

  • Exterior design of all buildings must be approved in writing either by Burland Ranchettes, Inc. or by an architectural control committee to be designed by said corporation, before construction is commenced. Any basic structure designed to have additions in the future must meet the minimum 600 square feet requirements at the time of original construction. (Units 25 - 29)


Relevance of the covenants to recent problems in the Burland community

Most of these covenants were written at a time when many property owners were summer residents. However, in recent years we have experienced problems with:

  • junk cars;

  • trash left outside homes; and

  • businesses being conducted on residential property.

While these matters are not specifically mentioned in the covenants, the Burland Homeowners Association takes the position that they are covered in the covenant provision which states: "No activity of a noxious nature nor any business may be conducted upon any site, nor shall any activity be permitted which may become a nuisance or annoyance to the neighborhood." When we receive complaints about such activities in the Burland community, it is our policy to notify the property owner by mail to make them aware of the possible violation and ask them to correct it. If the problem persists, we send a second letter advising the property owner that we will ask Park County officials to address the problem through enforcement of its Land Use Regulations (see below).


Park County Land Use Regulations (LURs) 
In addition to the above covenants, all Park County residents should be aware that their property is subject to Park County Land Use Regulations. These regulations, which are enforced by the County, cover zoning, sanitary systems, minimum standards for maintaining horses, etc. The Burland Homeowners Association and its attorney frequently work with county officials who have responsibility for enforcement of these Land Use Regulations. 

Who to Contact about Covenants or Covenant Violations 
If you have questions about covenants or possible covenant violations, please send an email to

If you have a question about Park County's Land Use Regulations or wish to file a complaint related to the LURs, please send a message to Tom Eisenman  ( or call him at 719-836-4271.

BHOA District Map

District Map

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