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How to Join

Join the Burland Homeowners Association

Membership is open to record fee simple title owners of real

property in Burland Ranchettes, Bailey, CO, only. Only one non-

transferable membership per lot. The cost is $25/year.

“Friends of the Association” are individuals or entities who are the

record fee simple title owners of real property in any subdivision

adjacent to Burland Ranchettes proper (Bailey Mountain, Burland

Meadows, Double C, Double S, Park 80 W, Roland Valley, Trails

West); or who have submitted an application to the Association

and been approved by the Board as Friends of the Association.

Friends may apply for Burland Firewise Committee benefts but

are not Members and are not entitled to vote on matters before

the Members of the Association. Only one per lot.

Members and Friends may attend meetings and speak at

appropriate times when recognized. Those eligible to become

Members or Friends of the Association may attend meetings but

may not speak.

A Membership Form must be filled out in its entirety with the proper address of the home and the record fee simple title owner or leaseholder of the property name. This is to ensure that verification can be made through the county assessor. This form can be mailed to the address on the form or emailed to

Payment can be made via check, cash, or PayPal using the link below. Paying by check or cash can either be mailed with the form to the address listed on the form or brought to a meeting. 

***Membership is not automatic and both the form and payment have to be received by the Burland HOA***

If there are any questions regarding membership eligibility or status please contact the Burland HOA at

Download the Burland Homeowners Association Membership Form (PDF Format)

Note: PayPal credit card memberships renew automatically, but you may cancel before renewal time.

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