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Do Your Part, Be SepticSmart

The Do's and Don'ts of Septic Systems

Security Mailbox reimbursement program for Burland Residents

  • A community member volunteers to upgrade their neigh-
    borhood to security mailboxes

  • The community member contacts neighbors to gauge

  • The Bailey Postmaster approves type of Security boxes
    (they have list of approved)

  • The Bailey Postmaster approves location of new boxes

  • No neighbor can lose their mailbox if they do not want to participate

  • The community member organizes concrete costs (not covered) 

  • The community member herds cats, collects funds, orders boxes & plans install

  • After install, community member submits security box invoice to HOA

  • After approval, HOA reimburses community member ½ cost of security boxes

  • The board then gives community member kudos for improving Burland 


  • The HOA is not in charge of mailboxes and covenants do not address mailboxes 

  • The postmaster is the only one who can approve security mailbox type and location 

  • If they will not approve type of boxes & location, the reimbursement program goes away 

  • Gene Durst, Jean Wagner and Debbie Kappel improved their section of Burland using this program.   You can add your name to this list and improve Burland too.

Checklists created by volunteer homeowners Gene Durst, Jean Wagner and Debbie Kappel (add links).   They were the first two groups, path finders you might say, to use this program.

Bailey Postmaster Handout

BHOA Reimbursement Program

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