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For any inquiries, please email us using contact form.

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Burland HOA

P.O. Box 372

Bailey, CO 80421

Beth Fisher, President
Debra Stephen, Vice President

William "Bill" Beggs, Secretary

Nick Miller, Treasurer

Sherrie Urban, Director

Thanks! Someone will respond soon.


  • DISTIRICT 1- Units 1-4
    Deer Trail Dr., Overlook Dr., Burland Dr., from PC72 to Beaver Trail, Pinon Rd., from Aspen Land to Beaver Trail, Aspen Lane to Beaver Trail, aspen Lane, PC72 to Old 285 to Homestead Rd.

  • DISTRICT 2 – Units 5,6,11,12
    Spruce Trail, Pine Trail, Sleepy Hollow Dr., from Spruce Trail to PC72, Juniper
    Lane, Chickadee Lane, Chickadee Dr., Bluebird Dr., Jaybird Lane, PC72 at Spruce Trail to Pine Trail.

  • DISTRICT 3 – Units 7 – 10
    Fawn Road, Doe Circle, Bobcat Trail, Bunny Road Dick Mtn Dr., Catamount Lane, Ridge Lane, Buckskin Trial, Badger Lane Catamount Ridge rd., PC72 at Badger Lane to Spruce Trail and High View.

  • DISTRICT 4 – Units 13 – 16
    Magpie Lane, Teal Lane, Raven DR., Lark Lane, Turkey Lane, Mockingbird Trail, Eagle Trai Ptarmigan Trail, Auk, Robin Lane, Bluebird Lane, PC72 from Chickadee Dr., to Fishing Ponds.

  • DISTRICT 5 – Units 17, 22, 23, 24
    Homestead Rd., Pinon Rd., from Beaver Trail to Homestead Rd., Conifer DR., Yew Lane, Yum Yum Tree Lane, Quakie Way, Bay Lane, Fir Lane, north portion of Yellow Pine Dr.

  • DISTRICT 6 – Units 18-21
    Mt Bailey Dr., Columbine Dr., Ridge Rd., Cedar DR., south portion of Yellow Pine Dr., Burland dr., @ Yellow Pine dr., going towards Ridge Rd.

  • DISTRICT 7 – Units 25, 26, 27
    PC72 at Fishing Ponds, to and including Long Ridge Dr., Sunny Ridge Lane, Lo-Meadow Lane Zip Lane, Hi Meadow dr., Blueberry Trail.

  • DISTRICT 8 – Units 28 29
    Impala Trail, Little Spring, Kudu Trail, Kit Lane, Habu Lane.

  • DISTRICT 9 – Bailey Mountain, Saddle Lane, Quiner Gulch Rd., (not part of Burland Ranchettes as of 2018)

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