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Burland Broadband Initiative

Broadband Update:

Revised 3/20/2024

The following update is provided by David Shipley, SVP and Regional Manager - Highline


Greetings Burland Residents. Please feel free to share this message with Burland residents that are not part of this BHOA distribution list.


Below is a quick update on the current status on the project areas. Currently, over 325 residents are connected to Highline Internet


  • Phases 1-4 of the project is complete, service is available to all dwellings in this area (See address list at the top of this page).


  • Phase 5 is partially complete, the addresses highlighted in green are ready for service, we plan to complete this area as soon as County lifts the moratorium on construction, most likely in the Spring 2024.


  • Phase 6: We have obtained all the permits to attach to the CORE Electric poles, however, we are still pending a final approval from Park County.  If all goes well, we are scheduled to complete all construction by June, 2024.


In the event the address to your dwelling is not on the list, please contact Ms. Alyssa Trujillo @ 719.676.1603 or 719.251.3273 so we can update the list to include your dwelling. 

Additional Information

What are the details for the monthly service plans - cost, download and upload speeds?

see for the latest package and pricing.

How do I sign up for this service?

Contact Highline and register for the service. You can reach Highline by phone at 888-212-0054, email to or go the Highline website to sign up at

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