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Burland Broadband Initiative

Broadband Update:

Revised 10/2022

The installation of the Optical Fiber Internet continues to make progress in our neighborhood.  Hopefully we all saw the message about the Go-Live event for the first resident to receive access to the ultra-high-speed network.  As of the month of October, there are 218 homes that will have the ability to connect to this network and experience all the benefits of ultra-high-speed Internet.


The project has experienced some challenges (permitting, road restoration, traffic control, labor shortages, etc.) which has caused some delays in the deployment schedule and thus, Highline had to reduce the size of each phase and increase the number of phases from 4 to 6 allowing them to deploy fiber more quickly and make the fiber-based internet service available to the areas with fewer challenges.

 Here are the new phases and scheduled completion dates for each phase.


Phase 1:              10/31/2022

Phase 2:`             11/30/2022

Phase 3:              12/31/2022

Phase 4:              4/30/2023

Phase 5:              5/31/2023

Phase 6:              6/30/2023

Here is a map showing each of the 6 phases within Burland:

The list of addresses for each phase has also been updated and can be found on the Burland Homeowners website.  All 6 phases have been updated with the new schedule.


If you find your address missing, please contact Keith Doubleday at


One question that continues to come up is the plans for the road repairs in Burland from the fiber installation.


You may have seen crews on the streets over the past few weeks working on repairing our streets.  The work is being completed in steps and you will see partial repairs in the area while other work is being completed.  The plan is to repair all the streets to their previous condition as the total project is completed.  The road crews are doing a great job so far.  Please be patient with the process and the crews as they work to get the streets repaired.

Remember, this is still an active installation project and will be into June 2023 so you may see more work.


How will I know if Highline is available to my house?


Upon internet service becoming available in your area, you will receive a “Hey Burland” post card in the mail as well as a text (Highline Fiber-Based Internet is Now Available in your area! Call today to schedule your installation - 888.212.0054) will be sent to those that have signed up for service.  At this point, please contact us to schedule your installation.


How do I sign up for this service?

There are 2 ways to sign up for the service.

  • Option 1:  Call Highline , formerly South Park Telephone (SPT), and register for the service.  You can reach Highline at (719) 837-6400.  An installation fee of $200 will be required.  Contact Highline @ 719.837.6400 and reserve your FiberStream installation.

  • Option 2:  You can complete the registration process online at  An installation fee of $200 will be required.

Note:  The $200 installation fee is only available until the construction is completed in Burland.  Installations that are requested after construction is completed will be subject to potentially much higher fees.

Revised 9/2022

As you probably know, the installation of the Optical Fiber internet is well under way here in Burland.  The Highline (formerly South Park Telephone or SPT) teams have been making great progress on installing the main Fiber line that will serve our community with ultra-high speed internet services.  The Highline installation will provide service for 100% of the properties in the Burland Ranchettes neighborhood.  The installation of these services will be completed in phases throughout the neighborhood based on the following schedule:


  • Phase 1: Estimated Completion is now10/31/22

  • Phase 2: Estimated Completion is now12/31/22

  • Phase 3: Estimated Completion is now10/31/22

  • Phase 4: Estimated Completion is now 9/30/22


Phase 1 is slightly behind schedule, primarily due to delays in permitting from CDOT for the connection between Burland and the main fiber line located near the Bailey Library.  Those permits are expected to be completed some time this week, depending on CDOT.


Here is a map that identifies the scheduled areas within Burland that line up with the schedule:


Highline is expecting to be able to enable several homes in Burland towards the end of this month as a result of competing the connection across 285.  In addition, Highline has been preparing for connections along the routs where the construction has been moving.  They will be making the service available to the homes along these routes as well as the scheduled areas shown in the map.  So if the construction has passed by your house, you may be able to sign up for the services ahead of the planned schedule for your area.


The Highline Fiber Internet service uses state of the art technology to deliver these services.  Optical Fiber is the fastest technology for communications available today.  The actual cable that will be installed in the conduit buried in the ground will handle 10 times the speed available with the subscription plans provided by Highline.  This is important because this will “future-proof” this installation for the years to come and support any demand that is needed to support Internet access.


The Highline Fiber system is installed as a ring and is powered by both ends of the ring to help provide the most dependable installation possible.  The service is unaffected by any condition such as rain, snow, temperature changes and even pine needs or windy conditions.  Fiber technology is what currently powers the towers on Mt. Bailey that are supporting the cellular companies providing cell phone services and the current internet providers that are delivering wireless services to neighbors with line-of-sight connections to these services.


The Highline Fiber system is not impacted by heavy users and that will not slow down your service.  With other services, you can see a slow down of the Internet speed when our kids get out of school and start using the services.  You will not see that slow down with Highline Fiber!


What you need to know:


  • During construction, installation of the fiber connection to your home is $200.  After construction is completed, the cost for installation will be much higher and will be based on your actual installation requirement, such as distance from the main line fiber.  It will for sure be more than the $200.

  • To secure your installation at construction proves, you need to contact Highline and sign up for the service.  You can find this sign up page at or call them at (719) 837-6400.  The $200 installation fee will be required during sign up.

    • Monthly service fees will start only once you have an activated connection to your home.

  • Pricing for the Internet service is as follows:

      There are three (3) options for Highline Internet services available for the Burland project.

  • A month-to-month offering, which has no commitment or contract.

  • Two (2) longer term offerings with a contract

    • Three (3) year plan with a contract.

    • Five (5) year plan with a contract.


Subscribers to the longer-term commitment offerings will see a reduction in their monthly costs once there are 650 subscribers for the Highline services.  This reduction will happen immediately once the 650 subscribers is achieved.  Please see the Burland Fiber – Services and Pricing section of the website for more details.

Internet - Current Pricing - No Contract

                        Tier                                                                 Price

  • 25 Mbps Download / 25 Mbps Upload                           $89.00

  • 55 Mbps Download / 55 Mbps Upload                           $99.00

  • 100 Mbps Download / 100 Mbps Upload                       $119.00

  • 200 Mbps Download / 200 Mbps Upload                       $139.00

  • 1 Gbps Download / 1 Gbps Upload (or 1,000Mbps)      $149.00


Note: All SPT Internet tiers have NO DATA CAPS

These rates are competitive with all of the current services available in Burland today.You will find speeds for download and upload to be much faster for most services with Highline.


For example, Neteo offers a 35 Mbps download and 5 Mbps Upload for $90/month and a 50Mbps Download and 5Mbps Upload for $110/month.Highline offers a 55Mbps Download and 55Mbps Upload for $99/month.The Highline service will be available to every home in Burland, where Neteo is limited to homes with line-of-sight to the Neteo antennas.

  • For more information about other offerings for Internet services, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions – Burland Fiber Project section of the website.


  • Common terms for Internet services for measuring the speed of your connection.

    • Mbps – Megabits per second.  This is the speed for downloading or uploading 1 million bits of data to your computer.  For example, a common picture is about 3.5 Mega-Bytes or 28 Mega-bits.

    • Gbps – Gigabits per second.  This is the speed for downloading or uploading 1 billion bits of data to your computer.


What speed to I need to have for my needs?


  • Based on my research, via, here are the current suggestions for Internet access speeds based on common needs:



Here is the project area for the Burland Broadband Project.


  • All areas included in this map will have access the Highline Fiber Internet system.  Areas outside this boundary may be added once the project is completed.

    • Contact Highline directly if you are outside this project area.  You can reach them at (719) 837-6400.

Updated Coverage Map - 01/2021
(Click on Image to Open Map)
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