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Realtor/Title Information

Burland Ranchettes is a Covenant Controlled Community. The Covenants run with the land and are binding on all properties within Burland Ranchettes regardless of whether the property owner is a Member of the Association. However, Membership is voluntary. Therefore, we are not required to give financials for real estate closings. Please see the website for further information regarding Membership and Dues.


The Association is a nonprofit corporation governed by the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act ("CRNCA"). It is not a common interest community as that term is defined by the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.


Our web site is Please see the Info tab dropdowns for Homeowner Guidance and Documents. The rest of the website has helpful information; please explore to have your questions answered; e.g., Covenants, Join, Weakland-Fawks Park, etc.


We do not own the fishing ponds. They are a separate organization. Their information is on their sign.


Park County is zoned. All properties in Burland are subject to Park County Planning & Zoning Ordinances. The County website is


The County Assessor Office can supply property specific information.


Burland HOA is not involved in any litigation with any homeowner or any other entity.

Rental/STR Information

Do you rent out your home?

Short Term Rentals (STR) MUST be registered and licensed. Please go to for more information and to apply. There is also a Citizen Complaint Form on that page and residents of Burland are encouraged to use it and to email the BHOA with their concerns about whether an STR is licensed.

Park County regulations govern you and your renters. You are ultimately responsible if your renter breaks the law. The mountains have rules that renters may not be aware of if they are from away. Inform them of these rules when you rent to them for your safety and for the safety of your neighbors. 


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